Picking a Feline Tree, Play area or Kitty Apartment suite – What’s Best For You?

Purchasing feline furniture can be a confounding and maybe depleting experience. Nothing is more baffling than to set up an excellent feline tree just to have your felines totally overlook it! I’ve possessed felines for my entire life, and in this article I’ll attempt to share a portion of my ability and understanding with you to help settle on your choice somewhat simpler.

There are various variables to consider in picking a feline tree, apartment suite, tower, play area or rec center. Here, in no specific request, are a few things you’ll need to remember:

Your feline’s propensities and inclinations

Situation and space prerequisites

Materials and development



What does your feline need?

When in doubt, most felines share certain characteristics and propensities like interest, a longing to hang out in a dim, encased space and an adoration for statures – yet as each feline proprietor knows, every kitty is extraordinary!

The primary thing I’d propose is to put in a couple of days giving close consideration to your feline’s propensities. Where does he generally rest, hang out or play? What sorts of things does she play with? When you lift her up, does she need to move up on your shoulders? What sorts of spots would you say you are continually doing combating to keep him out of? The responses to these inquiries should enable you to choose what sorts of highlights your feline will value the most.

Highlights and the kitties who love them:

Kitty Condominium: A feline who will in general pick a dull, calm corner to stay in bed will most likely need a model with a kitty townhouse. The equivalent could be said for felines who love to investigate shopping sacks, boxes, pantries and other dull, mystery places. On the off chance that your family unit is one of those occupied or chaotic ones with kids playing and bunches of people going back and forth, kitty may very well love the harmony and calm that an encased feline apartment suite brings.

Stature: A few felines simply s

hould be up high. A few kitties simply prefer to have the option to see everything, and some vibe increasingly secure up over the compass of the family pooch or little youngsters. In the event that your feline is continually attempting to move up on your shoulders when you lift her up, or likes to hop up on counters, you should think about getting the tallest feline tree, kitty rec center or play area you can. A story to roof tower can be a decent arrangement, and they arrive in an assortment of setups – some are very straightforward and occupy almost no floor room, others can be very detailed. There are likewise a ton of detached models more than 6 feet tall that will fulfill your feline’s have to look down on us poor people!

Secure Dozing Spot: Our feline Lucy consistently rests inclined facing something (me, a seat pad, or the raised lip on her preferred feline roost) – she needs the security of feeling something against her back for her to genuinely unwind. On the off chance that your feline resembles Lucy, you’ll need to be certain that the feline tree or play area you pick has a spot to rest where she’ll have a sense of safety. You may need a rest plate with raised sides, a bended half moon molded rack or a kitty lounger.

Not all that Safe Resting Spot: Our other feline, George, just spreads out anyplace – if your feline resembles him, he’ll be content with an open rack to snooze on.

Perception Post: Basically every feline likes to watch out for things – it’s just an endurance impulse. Ensure the model you pick has a spot where your feline will need to spend numerous hours of the day, regardless of whether it’s a level rack, kitty lounger, bended rack or plate. Notwithstanding the style of the perception post, think about the tallness off the floor and simple entry – particularly if your feline is older or doesn’t get around just as he used to.

Kitty Loungers: We’ve discovered that most felines love a lounger, albeit meek felines may require some consolation from the start because of the extra ‘give’ they feel from the outset when they step on it. When they become acclimated to it, it might turn into a top pick ‘hang out’ (heartbroken – I couldn’t help it!). On the off chance that your feline is uncertain about the lounger from the start, put it near the floor for included genuine feelings of serenity. As your feline becomes acclimated to it you can move it higher in the event that you like.

Play Cylinders: Lively felines like cylinders or passages since they can charge directly through them or lie in pause and jump at clueless bystanders – creature or human!


Regardless of whether the feline furniture you pick has every one of the things your feline cherishes, in the event that you put it in an inappropriate spot he may totally overlook it. Consider where your feline invests energy now – would she say she is a ‘people feline’ who needs to be in a similar room as the remainder of the family? It is safe to say that she is all the more a maverick who searches out calm spots in unused pieces of the house? Does he like to watch out the window? (check for nose prints on the glass!)

A long time back we had a remarkable floor to roof feline tower with different racks, a kitty apartment suite – the works! The main issue was that the one spot in the house where we had space for it was a room that was scarcely ever utilized. Since our felines like to be with us, they never utilized the tree, and we wound up giving it to the nearby others conscious society. Presently we have a littler feline tree that we keep in the family room where we invest a lot of our energy, and the felines use it consistently.

On the off chance that you can put the tree alongside a window there is an a lot higher probability that your felines will utilize it. A window that opens is ideal, particularly for indoor kitties. The scents and sounds from outside will keep them engaged and occupied with their general surroundings.


Here’s the place you start pondering your needs. What amount of room would you say you are willing and ready to dedicate to feline furnishings, regardless of whether it’s a play area, kitty rec center or feline tree? Make certain to take a gander at all the measurements – baseplate size, generally measurements and tallness – and really measure the space you have as a top priority to ensure it will fit. Numerous models are secluded in structure, so you don’t need to assemble it precisely as it is envisioned. This can give you a touch of adaptability if space is an issue. Search for the expression ‘particular plan’ – not all feline trees have this element!

Materials and Development

One of the fundamental contemplations here should be the means by which steady and strong the feline furniture is. Felines won’t utilize a flimsy or unsteady tree. Search for expansive bases and base overwhelming plans that will shield it from tipping when your feline hops up on it.

Wood: Some feline furniture producers use pressed wood, others use molecule board – and they will all swear that the wood they use is the most flawlessly awesome! Actually every ha points of interest and weaknesses.

Pressed wood is very solid since it is produced using meager layers of wood and each layer has the grain running in an alternate heading from the layer above and beneath. Since the noticeable surfaces are secured, the maker can utilize a lower evaluation of compressed wood that will have hitches appearing and might be somewhat harsh to the touch. So you may have harsh uncovered wood within top of an apartment suite or the underside of the baseplate – not so much an issue for most people, however something worth being thankful for to know early.

Molecule board is made of little wood chips fortified together by a sort of paste. It is heavier than pressed wood, so it adds solidness to a feline tree, and the surface is a lot of smoother than compressed wood. It is almost certain than pressed wood to break – at times corners will chip off – however under typical utilize this shouldn’t be an issue.

Covers: Floor covering or phony hide? The discussion seethes! One thing everybody concurs on is that whatever covering you pick ensure it’s anything but a shut circle cover or other covering that can get a paw. I’m certain you’ve seen a feline loosen up and get a paw trapped in a blanket or couch pad – in a casual setting the feline is generally ready to remove himself, in spite of the fact that he may leave a tangle in the texture! Envision your feline at top speed cavorting all over his kitty play area – if the play area is canvassed in non cut heap cover (like Berber) and he gets a hook it can cause genuine damage.

Rug is delicate and welcoming, however since one of the reasons for feline furniture is to give your kitties a spot to hone their hooks, a few people think covered feline furniture just energizes or even prepares your feline to hone his paws on the rug on your floor. Actually, I’ve never had that issue, yet I realize a few people have. On the off chance that you do pick cover, ensure it is sliced heap rug to keep conceivable damage from a got hook. Floor covering is verified with staples, which can possibly stand up and scratch fingers or paws, yet very much made feline furniture doesn’t for the most part have this issue.

Counterfeit hide isn’t exactly as comfortable as rug, yet as long as it is verified with non-lethal stick, there is no probability of damage from an errant staple. A few producers do staple the phony hide, in any case, and it is a lot harder to cover a staple in counterfeit hide than in cover – in the event that you pick counterfeit hide, ensure that it is stuck, not stapled. Like the rug versus counterfeit hide banter, the staples versus nontoxic stick banter is a warmed one. I am of the sentiment that as long as the paste is nontoxic and the staples are applied appropriately stick is best for counterfeit hide and staples are best for cover. It’s a matter of individual inclination with respect to whether you pick floor covering or hide. One pleasant thing about counterfeit hide is that it is launderable – intermittently models with loungers are shrouded in counterfeit hide – check to ensure that the lounger covers hurdle off so you can toss them in the clothes washer.

Sisal Rope: Most specialists concur that sisal rope gives a perfect surface to your feline to hone her paws. It’s solid, yet it doesn’t ‘get’ hooks the way non cut heap floor covering can. Most felines love the vibe of it under their paws and will intuitively begin scratching when they feel it on the ground. The entirety of our feline furniture highlights sisal rope, some on all shafts, some in mix with cover.

Bended Highlights: Any bended surface on a feline tree is made of thick cardboard cylinders – they are utilized in development as molds for making round solid columns in addition to other things. They are very tough and should keep going quite a while, yet know that they are cardboard and wi

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